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Timesheet Calculator: The Necessary Tool for The Freelance Economy

Remember when working at home was unusual?

More people are working from home and that requires a way to organize work time. via Travis Isaacs

It’s safe to say those days are behind us. Especially in our world of web development and design, we meet several people daily who make their own schedules. The 9-5 lockdown is fading into obscurity.

Fortune Magazine has declared this the ‘age of the freelancer.’

Freelancers tend to have more control over what they earn, how they earn it, and how they spend their time. Working independently also opens up new opportunities for a whole new range of the population. Working mothers, students and people with disabilities are just a few who will find the freelance future to be especially bright.

This is all great news, but let’s stop and think what this means for our productivity. Freelance work has huge potential for individual success and innovation, but it requires a new outlook and a new set of tools.

As a freelancer, self-scheduling requires a new method of time management. If there’s no built-in system to monitor the actual hours we spend at work, we need to build our own. That’s where finding a convenient, practical timesheet calculator comes in.

Manage your time, increase your earnings

I ran into a high-school friend last week that runs his own office space for game developers. When I asked him how he copes with such a large number of clients, he got really fired up about his new time management plan. He considered his new approach to answering emails, segmenting his work schedule and keeping track of earnings per hour one of the most crucial elements of his business. Aside from adjusting to this dude’s new un-grunged appearance (it’s been over a decade), my main takeaway was how time management increased his profits. It’s a bit of a clich√©, but saving time really does save money. Dedicate yourself to a powerful timesheet calculator and you will see your earnings rise.

Project a professional image

Using an effective timesheet calculator also lets clients know you’re serious about your work. The freelance world may be lucrative, but it’s also extremely competitive. By providing visible evidence of your workweek to clients, you will gain the upper hand over other less time-savvy freelancers. People want to know what they’re paying for. Traxmo uses the data you input to summarize work hours by project or client. It takes a few seconds to put together an attractive, branded report and send it by email. Your personal or business image will benefit from an image boost.

Motivate yourself

It’s nice not to have a boss looking over your shoulder, but becoming your own boss has its challenges too. How do people work independently and stay focused for 8-10 hour days? I know I sometimes find it hard to sit down and focus when there are so many tasks in my inbox. You could do what this guy didor you could take the easier route and start working with a timesheet calculator. Creating a visual, interactive record of the time you work will help you keep your days in check. Say goodbye to looking at Facebook every hour – you’ll become painfully aware of time wasting activities when you’re on the clock.

Choosing the right timesheet calculator will be a rewarding process for you, your colleagues, and your clients. At the same time you don’t want to actually waste time looking for apps and then finding out they suck. That would be kind of a paradox.

Traxmo is currently in beta mode, so it’s free to sign up and start working with, whatever plan you choose.¬† Check it out here. We hope it’s the only timesheet calculator you’ll ever need to try.