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Freelancers, stay organized, or, why you need time management

When you are a freelancer you find yourself working on more than one project very quickly. While leaving sticky notes over your screen is certainly one way to manage your tasks, it isn’t very effective. Your projects aren’t organized, you aren’t sure how to manage your time, and you find yourself scrambling to keep up all the time.

Freelancers have to be organized and learn a bit of time management. If you aren’t, you’ll be losing time, which in turn means you’re losing money, and of course you’ll be missing key tasks that you need to complete.

You have to learn how to manage your time, so that you know what you can (and can’t) commit to, so that you can pace your projects out to suit yourself, and of course, so you can spend time not only working, but relaxing as well – yes, your brain needs that too.

Take a look at what Traxmo has to offer you in terms of time management, and what you can learn from it.

For instance, you can see how you work during the week.

In the example above, I can see that Tuesday and Friday were really productive, but most of Thursday was wasted. This can tell me that maybe I need to rest more on Thursday, or that I need something new to kickstart my day, or maybe that my client meetings cut too much into my work time.

I can also see not just ‘how’, but also ‘what’ I worked on during the week:

As you can see, I spent most my time working on Project Alpha, and only 10 hours on Project Beta. By the way, I might not need to work more on Project Beta – but this way I can keep an eye on it, and know where I need to put more effort.

These are some of the ways Traxmo can help you make your job easier and more organized.

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Getting Started – Creating your task list

Lets start off by creating your first client. Select the ‘Client’ tab, enter the name of your client, and click the ‘ADD CLIENT’ button.

invoice and task tracking

Note: Once the client is created, you can edit their details – such as address, email and currency – by simply clicking the ‘Edit’ icon (marked in blue).

task and invoice management

Now, lets set up your first project. Click the ‘Projects’ tab, enter the name of the project, choose your client, and click ‘ADD PROJECT’.

task management, invoice management

Note: You can edit the project to change the name, client, or add more team members.

After you’ve created your client and started your project, click the ‘Tasks’ tab, and start creating your task list.

task management, invoice management, new task creation

Note: The tasks you create are for the project shown in the title. You can create tasks for a different project by clicking the drop down menu icon as shown:

task management, invoice management

Welcome to Traxmo!

When we started out freelancing, we went looking for a time tracking and invoicing tool that simply got the job done, without bells and whistles.

And we couldn’t find one that fit the bill. Some tracked time, but didn’t create an invoice. Others had the invoice feature, but didn’t integrate it with the task tracking. Still others didn’t give you an option to track things differently for each client.

So we stopped looking, and decided to start developing the tool ourselves.

And Traxmo is the result!

Go on. Try it out – it’s completely free, and you don’t even have to sign up!