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Branding your invoice

Remember we told you that branding yourself is important?

That’s exactly why Traxmo makes it easy to brand your invoice, so that your clients know exactly who’s sending it to them.

Use your details

First of all, enter your company details in your account settings. Just click the ‘Preferences’ cog at the top of the screen, and enter the details in the ‘Profile’ tab.

You can change this in each invoice, but it’s easier to have your details entered in advance

When you create your next invoice, you’ll see your information next to your logo – see?

Use your colors

Now that you’ve added your details, change the invoice coloring to suit you, by clicking the respective color in the top bar.


As you can see, the invoice color changes immediately.

This color is saved as your default setting, unless you change it to something else.

Use your logo

Of course, no invoice is complete without your logo. To add it, simply click the ‘Change logo’ link, and choose your logo.


So next time you send your invoice to your clients, they’ll know exactly who you are J

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